Breaking Tradition

We sit down with Miwa Neishi, an Ohio-based Japanese artist who infuses Japanese characters with styles of graffiti, and using clay as the easel for her paintings.  

Ginkgo Journal presents 'Seoul 69' Volume 1 mixtape

In the spirit of bringing culture that is at the intersection of east and western influences, Ginkgo Journal will be introducing 'Seoul 69,' a mixtape series where we discover musicians and artists from all corners of the globe.  We kick off the series titled 'West Coast Blues,' bringing floating guitar riffs, airy vocals, and artists generally categorized as indie rock.  

Stages of Thought

Stephanie Kim, a Bushwick-based painter, talks about her road to recovery from depression and a nearly fatal car accident, and finding her true voice through three very important people that shaped her to who she is today.  

Photographing the streets of Toronto's Chinatown

For people not familiar with street photography, it is an art form combining photography, ethnography, sociology, and a test of split-second reaction.  With photographers willing to sell their soul to be part of the mainstream culture it was nice to discover Sally Han, a photographer walking around Toronto's Chinatown and capturing scenes of people and culture.