Remembering Tomoko Miho

Tomoko Miho carefully gardens every inch of graphic space. She often borrows spatial conventions from the three-dimensional world, making the two-dimensional plane appear larger, deeper, more inclusive. For her, the page is not an opaque screen, but a threshold. Her designs invite viewers to cross over into a multilayered world.

Discrete Circuits with Jesse You

Jesse You, a DJ/Record Collector/Taste Maker hailing from the tiny peninsula of Korea has teamed up with Condesa, the company behind beautiful rotary mixers that has regained popularity among crate diggers and DJ's, to make an hour-long mix of smooth summer vibe tunes.

The Fading Architecture of Saigon

The architecture of Saigon is known for its mix of traditional touches and French colonialism, but these landmarks have been slowly replaced due to the surge of real estate investment with modernistic facades and glass buildings.  But Lys Bui is preserving the vestige of what makes Saigon so special to her through the art of silkscreen printing in her New York studio.  

Women in Kung Fu Cinema

When you think of kung fu movies, the actors that come to mind are the likes of Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, or Donnie Yen.  But what about the tough gals that also were toe-to-to, fist-to-fist with these martial arts protagonists?


Suiyoubi no Campanella's new song, called Melos, is presented with an absolutely stunning video of KOUMAI in the Mongolian plateau.

Asia Boizz

After going down the rabbit hole that is Youtube's related videos I saw someone link to one of Toro Y Moi's mixes, and I was surprised it was a mix of City Pop and the sounds of early electronic music from Japan.

Zombie Disco

나잠 수(Nahzam Sue), the leader of the Korean disco band Sultan of the Disco, is releasing his new solo album called "Till the Sung Goes Up," and his recent MV release of ZomB-Boy has all influences of Tina Turner, Rick James, and synth riffs that marked the 80's post-disco music genre.