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Photographing the streets of Toronto's Chinatown

For people not familiar with street photography, it is an art form combining photography, ethnography, sociology, and a test of split-second reaction.  With photographers willing to sell their soul to be part of the mainstream culture it was nice to discover Sally Han, a photographer walking around Toronto's Chinatown and capturing scenes of people and culture. 

Remembering Tomoko Miho

Tomoko Miho carefully gardens every inch of graphic space. She often borrows spatial conventions from the three-dimensional world, making the two-dimensional plane appear larger, deeper, more inclusive. For her, the page is not an opaque screen, but a threshold. Her designs invite viewers to cross over into a multilayered world.

The Fading Architecture of Saigon

The architecture of Saigon is known for its mix of traditional touches and French colonialism, but these landmarks have been slowly replaced due to the surge of real estate investment with modernistic facades and glass buildings.  But Lys Bui is preserving the vestige of what makes Saigon so special to her through the art of silkscreen printing in her New York studio.  

Women in Kung Fu Cinema

When you think of kung fu movies, the actors that come to mind are the likes of Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, or Donnie Yen.  But what about the tough gals that also were toe-to-to, fist-to-fist with these martial arts protagonists?